Say “YES” to Authentic Online Profile But Keep Yourself Interesting


Getting myself a job can be made easier if I do well in school, produce a real good resume, carry myself well and also having good network. Really? That was what I thought. (A belief that has changed this year) But I am not quite there. Do you see we are living in an internet world where not having an internet profile seems rather odd. To me, it feels very much like a person without a passport and an identity and no one can possibly connect with you because your presence is not there  non-existent.

So you say “I need an online profile.”

Chamorro-Premuzic (2013) suggests that in a hyperconnected world that we are living in, we have got to be a hyperconnector but this does not mean being online 24/7; it is about optimizing the online experience for others. Gallagher (2014) mentioned that new generation thinks social media makes a big difference in developing personal business network. That, plus new levels of transparency and realigned priorities, together adding new levels of authenticity to the client relationship dynamic.

Then you say “I need an authentic online profile.”

Lets not forget the focus of authenticity when we are trying to make our online profile interesting. I say authentic profile of ourselves aid us to build more authentic relationship with people online and offline. James T Noble shares his views on ways that business can be authentic and I thought it is also relevant to individuals developing online profile as well. We should be real, charitable, consistent, responsive, be what we say we are, do not share everything with everyone, etc. Read more here.

Michael Simmons writes authenticity is key in the digital age but he also has articles on importance of creating content and how to win friends and create influence in the digital age. It triggered me that despite being true, we still have to be clever in how we organise our content, page and profiles online to the best we can to keep our audience engaged and interested in us. “I am not another red apple, I am THE SWEET AND JUICY RED APPLE.”

Having said that, we should also be mindful to present our offline and online profile as close as possible. I think the last thing we want is to have people judging our credibility or suspect we have some sort of split personality!

Gosh, now you say “I need an authentic and interesting online profile!” 



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10 thoughts on “Say “YES” to Authentic Online Profile But Keep Yourself Interesting

  1. Hi eve!

    Always a pleasure reading your posts! I felt you highlighted a few interesting issues in this post about our online profile and what are the various factors around it. I must agree that the intentions for your online profile has to be understood by everyone involved with the digital world! It could not be put better on how its our new passport or simply our identity.

    You mentioned how we market ourselves and the way we create influence is very important as it will help build relationships! I do very much believe in that as its really a strong asset to have a large base of strong relationships and networks within the industry you’re working in.

    It was a great read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Evelina!
    your last sentence made me crack up hahaha – wow so much work to do, so much change to adapt to in this current digital age. That picture depicts exactly how i feel about all these expectations however i’m grateful that we get to know the importance of authentic digital profiling now before we lose out in the real world after we graduate!
    After reading the first link you provided, i find this statement “With true authenticity comes a sense of liberation and freedom.” spot on as we wouldnt feel comfortable if we lie our way through to get a job when we could just be smart in ‘sweet talking’ our way through, being as convincing as possible like you said!

    What would be the craziest thing you’d do to make your resume/online profile stand out and on the other hand being as authentic as possible? (;

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Sherdale,

      glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 Always good to have some laugh right. You are so right about how much we need to work on, and how we have to constantly adapt to this digital age!

      Anyway, pretty challenging question you got there for me 🙂 Craziest thing I might do? Below is just some of my ideas, not conclusive though.

      I would only place links in my resume (CATCH HIS/HER ATTENTION) and direct my potential employer to where he could find me. I think it is better for me to tell him/her where to go to find me and the information I want him to see 🙂

      Let just say I want to create an online resume instead. I would develop a website that is all about me. I will grab a friend’s help to film me and make a video thats about me. (Sorry, not able to tell you exactly how I would do it yet. Need more time to think about that!) In the website, I would show my various interests, strength, accomplishment… not forgetting to be genuine at the same time.

      So, if you are the potential employer, would you be interested in me?

      Thanks again!



      • Yes i definitely would be interested! To me, videography is always best for showing your personality instead of pictures that doesn’t really show how you portray yourself in real life.
        Really appreciate your time taken to answer this, Can’t wait to read your next post! (:


  3. Hi Evelina!

    Gotta love this post on having an authentic online profile and keeping yourself interesting at the very same time. I couldn’t agree more on the fact that authentic online profile could help us in building and fostering a better bond with people online and offline. Being yourself is always better than having to portray only the better side of you on your online profile, it is like trying to “up-sell” yourself, which may come across as trying too hard or fake.
    Everyone has flaws and it is how you are going to bring these points across – you can highlight your strengths to create good flaws, and by doing so, it shows that you’re aware of your ability to overcome challenges and being honest.
    Overall, great and concise post that is easy to understand. Keep up the good work!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rochelle,

      thanks for reading my post 🙂 I totally agree that we should not only portray all our strengths. We are only humans and sure we have some flaws but it is how we manage it that makes us an intelligent individual.

      Sure hope we can discuss on other issues in the rest of the following topic. Seeya 🙂


  4. Hey Evelina,

    I loved how you described the lack of having an online identity as someone without an identity and passport. I do agree that we live in a digital age where having an online profile is extremely important if you do not want to be regarded as “non-existent” in today’s society.

    I share the same sentiments that we not only have to create an authentic digital profile, but also one that is creative and interesting enough to capture the attention of our prospective employers. After all, your resume is what reflects who you really are and at the same time the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity!

    Just wondering though, which do you think is more important? Authenticity or creativity? Or do you think both are equally important?

    Overall, loved the metaphors that you used as they made reading really easy to digest and understand, keep up the good effort!


    • Hey Corrine,

      Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

      Nice to know we share the same sentiment in so many levels! To answer your question on whether authenticity or creativity. I would say both are important. Before you say “ahh.. I expect this answer.” I would add on that even though both comes hand in hand, authenticity comes first before creativity!

      No matter your personality, we should make sure our profile and identity online is genuine and real. If an individual is not exactly creative, he/she can always work on that 🙂

      Share your thoughts with me too!




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